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Keep America Beautiful, the nation's iconic community improvement nonprofit organization, inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. We envision a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live.

Keep America Beautiful recognizes outstanding youth, schools and educators who have exhibited exceptional commitment toward the vision that all communities will be clean, green and beautiful.

Awards may recognize: 
Youth groups (e.g., Off-Campus - Girl/Boy Scouts, 4-H, Girl's/Boy's Clubs or On-Campus school club)
Youth leader/individual (under the age of 25)
Education institution -- school, school district, educational center, and/or
Winners may be recognized in multiple categories based on the quality of the application and judges' discretion.

Winners will be judged and selected by members of the current Keep America Beautiful Youth Advisory Council and Education Team, along with Keep America Beautiful National Staff. Judges may request additional materials. Award winners may not be selected in every category. Winners will be notified by Dec. 1, 2017. Awards are presented at Keep America Beautiful's Annual National Conference, Jan. 17-19, 2018, in Dallas, Texas .

* 1. Which category best describes the nominee?

* 2. Nominee

* 3. How should name appear on award, if selected?

* 4. Background and Statement of Need (20 points):  Describe the applicant: include type (e.g., youth group, youth leader/individual, school/education institution, or educator) and when applicable include the number of youth or students involved and grade level.  What was the motivation for the project (defined as a one-time event/activity carried out in the short-term, e.g., restoring a playground or park, litter-free event, electronic recycling drop-off) or program (defined as an ongoing series of events/activities carried out in the long-term, e.g., year-round school recycling or garden).  Describe the use of Keep America Beautiful Programs and/or resources (e.g., Great American Cleanup, Waste In Place, Recycle-Bowl, RecycleMania, etc.)

* 5.  Execution of Plan (20 points):  Describe how the plan was formed including who was involved.  Who were the leaders?  What was the timeline?  What activities were conducted? Was the Keep America Beautiful Youth Leader Guide used to plan and execute activities?  Did the person, group, or school work with a Keep America Beautiful affiliate?  If so, how was the affiliate involved?

* 6. Impact and Community Involvement (25 points):  Describe the volunteers and number of volunteer hours.  Describe donations including in-kind goods and services received from the businesses, schools, government, individuals, etc.  Was the Keep America Beautiful Youth Leader Guide used to track impact and community involvement?

* 7. Results and Sustainability (25 points): What were the results, community/school benefits, etc. achieved?  Is this a continuing effort?  Does it dramatize the need for ongoing action?  Was behavior changed? (e.g., less litter, more materials recycled or recycled correctly) How were baselines for measuring behavior change established?

* 8. Summation (5 points):  Provide two to three sentences summarizing your project/program or individual and explaining how the efforts have made your community a cleaner, greener, more beautiful place to live.

* 9. Supplemental Material:

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  • Photos (that illustrate engagement or impact). PLEASE NOTE: photo collages will not be accepted.
  • Press clips.
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