Pitt-Greensburg Roommate Success Plan

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The roommate success plan is designed to help roommates discuss common issues that may create conflict in the room/apartment while also considering roommate rights. Roommate rights include:

* The right to read, study and sleep in one's room without undue interference due to noise, visitors, etc.
* The right to free access to one's facilities without pressure from a roommate.
* The right to expect that a roommate and his/her visitors will respect one's personal belongings.
* The right to personal privacy.

General Expectations:
  • Be flexible when working with your roommate and be willing to compromise.
  • Remain open to new experiences and challenges.
  • Commit to creating a positive atmosphere conducive for academic and personal growth.
In the event of an issue:
  • Talk to each other and try to resolve the issue.
  • Consult your CA for assistance developing a resolution.
  • If necessary, contact your Resident Director for assistance.