1. Introduction--Centurion 2016 Holiday Success Index

Dear Prestige Jeweler,

Each week between now and the end of the year, The Centurion will conduct a quick spot-check survey of top prestige jewelry stores to gauge how business is trending. Our first survey covers the time period leading up to and including Black Friday (November 25), Small Business Saturday (November 26) and, if applicable, Cyber Monday (November 28).

Survey results will be reported anonymously in the aggregate each week. We very much appreciate your participation to benefit all better jewelry retailers and Centurion invitees.

Best regards,

Howard Hauben
The Centurion

* 1. Your store name (this will be kept confidential):

* 2. How was business for Black Friday Weekend (November 25-28) compared to last year?

* 3. How was business throughout the fall? Did you notice any significant shifts in business in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and the "official" start of the holiday season?