BISAC Subject Request Form

Use this form to submit requests for changes or additions to the current version of the BISAC Subject Headings.  The Committee will discuss only those suggestions that are received on a completed form.  Submission of this form in no way guarantees inclusion in a forthcoming edition of the BISAC Subject Headings. 

- Select the existing high level section in which your suggestion fits most appropriately.
- Enter the heading you are requesting.  A separate form must be submitted for each heading being requested.
- Provide 3-10 examples of titles for which the suggested heading could be used.

Is this a request for a new heading or a change to an existing heading?

If you indicated that this is a change, please provide the code and literal of the heading you are requesting a change to.

Heading Requests

Subheading Requested

Please provide 3-10 examples of titles (with author) that could be assigned the requested heading.  The titles must be unique (not the same title in multiple editions) and from multiple publishers.  It is beneficial to include the ISBNs as well, but not necessary.

Explanation of suggestion:

Please provide your name and contact information so that the BISAC Subject Codes Committee can reach you with any follow-up questions.

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