The idea is to let YOU the audience ‘hand pick’ the songs...

Hi Everyone,

I really love surprises, especially when it involves the deep corners of my catalogue, that is to say, I’m encouraging everyone to think outside the box and go deeper than the obvious, this is a great chance to inspire me with your choices. I can’t wait to play them for you!

And don’t worry, if you're familiar with my solo shows you’d know that I’m no stranger to playing the songs you (and radio) have so kindly made oh so familiar.

Simply answer the questions below, come along to the show, and see if your choice gets selected on the night! 

~ Diesel ~ 

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**NB: Please submit your requests the Wednesday prior to each weekend's show**

Question Title

* 2. What is your first name?

Question Title

* 3. Here’s some track ideas to get your brain ticking.... Which one of DIESEL'S songs (listed below) would you like to hear LIVE at the show?

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* 4. What's the one song would you like to hear DIESEL perform and why?