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FIT Zone - Workouts for work breaks! These workouts are located close to where you work and are FREE for all UCLA Staff & Faculty. Sign-up, drop-in, and get active! These classes are designed to help UCLA Staff & Faculty manage stress; increase mental clarity and productivity; get fit, stay fit, and be well! 

* 8. Please select the classes that you are interested in attending. This is not a commitment to attend (you are free to drop in to ANY Fitzone class at any time without signing up). However, this helps us get a rough head count and helps us email specific updates for specific classes when announcements arise.

* 9. FIT Sports Use drop-in sports to get active and enjoy the camaraderie of your colleagues with FREE Lunch Time Leagues. Drop-in for a game or form a department team if you want!  Either way, it's easy . . . just show up at the gym with your UCLA ID and play! We apologize in advance for times when fields or courts are unavailable due to weather or maintenance.

* 10. On average, how many Fit Zone classes do you plan on attending each week?

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