The FSMB Foundation is currently accepting grant requests for nonprofit project funding. The FSMB Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations who conduct research and education-related projects designed to improve the quality of health care through effective physician licensure and regulation, including efforts of the state medical board community to participate in and implement the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.  While the Foundation is able to only fund a limited number of requests, each grant request is carefully evaluated to determine alignment with the Foundation mission and focus areas.   

To begin the application, please complete the following questions. 

* 1. Proposed Project Title:

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* 8. What Problems, Needs, or Issues Does Your Organization Seek to Address?

* 9. Describe Your Implementation Strategy:

* 10. Describe If and How You Plan To Partner With Other Organizations:

* 11. Number of Health Care Providers Who Will Benefit From The Proposed Program.