Resume Writing

What is in a resume?

-A summary of vital information about you
-Your accomplishments relevant for the position
-Provides an employer an understanding of your suitability for the role

A resume is....

-The MOST valuable sales tool
-While you may meet all the required skills necessary to succeed in a particular role, it is of no use to you if an employer decides to reject your resume.
-You have about 30 seconds to impress your employer before he/she decides whether to throw your resume in the bin!
Important things to note....

-Resumes need to be tailored for the specific position and company.
-Don’t use the same resume for every job application
-Pay particular attentions to names, addresses, job titles
-Remember to update the date
-Be sure that your resume is logical and easy to read.
-Be consistent with everything, such as the spacing, margins and borders.
Market yourself

-Don’t be shy!
-Show your employer your accomplishments, skills and abilities.
-Employers want to see that you can indeed perform the job at hand.
-Show them by letting them know about your experiences and how others have benefited from your productivity.
-Google resumes to get ideas on how you will present your resume

Handy Hints...

-Poor grammar is the quickest way for your resume to end up in the ‘rejection pile’.
-Do not trust your computer’s spell check.
-Read every word yourself and get someone to read it as well.
-Spelling mistakes and typos suggest that your standard of work will be of the same poor quality.
-Abbreviations should not be used.
-It is unprofessional and many are not universally accepted.
-No personal stuff
-Personal data such as height and weight is unnecessary and seen as unprofessional

Social Media

When an employer receives an application, I can say with certainty they will check your profiles on
–You tube

Have a look at your profile, would you employ you?

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* 1. What should you do if you have a gap in your work history?

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* 2. Why is it important to get permission from References?

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* 3. Have you checked the privacy settings on your social media accounts?
   Why is it important to be aware of what you publish on Social Media?

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