Jobs for the future

The workforce is ever evolving
Many industries and jobs are seeing huge declines
Whilst others are having massive growth
Many of the jobs you will work in have not even been created yet
So instead of working towards a dream job
We recommend you develop a skills set that can be used in many different jobs
You need to work in roles that play to your strengths & skills
Overtime develop transferable skills that can be used anywhere

7 types of Skill Sets- Which one do you think you will fall under?

The “Go-Getter”: Jobs that require a high level of interpersonal interactions such as sales, retail, hospitality and entertainment.

The “Handicrafter”: Jobs that require manual tasks related to construction, production, maintenance or technical customer service.

The “Carer”: Jobs that seek to improve the mental health, physical health or wellbeing of others, including medical care and personal support services.

The “Professional”: Jobs that involve professionals providing information, education or business services.

The “Co-ordinator”: Jobs that involve repetition, administration and behind the scenes processes or services.

The “Designer”: Jobs that involve deploying skills and knowledge of science and math to construct or engineer products or buildings

The “Techie”: Jobs that require understanding and manipulation of technology.


Which skill set do you think best describes you?
Step 1.

Go to – register and then complete the Career Quiz

Step 2.

Email results to trainer or if you are on your phone, screenshot and text them to your Trainer

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* 1. What did your Quiz say about you? Which Skill set did you fall under?

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* 2. What are some examples of the types of jobs that fall under that category?

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* 3. Is the category what you thought you would fall under before taking the quiz?

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