We are pleased to open the hard card registration ahead of the 2024 ASBK Championship. 

The following ticket allocation applies for each class:

SUPERBIKE:                 5 tickets or 5 hardcards
SUPERSPORT:             5 tickets or 5 hardcards
SUPERSPORT 300:    4 tickets or 4 hardcards*
R3 CUP:                        4 tickets or 4 hardcards*

* cross entries  will only receive one set of tickets 

NOTE:  All teams who opt in for the Series Hard Cards, will also receive  Series Car Passes.   Refer to Competitor Information Kit for allocation.

If you would like to purchase additional series hard cards an application form will be available on the ASBK website - www.asbk.com.au / Competitor Information.

If you are applying for a hard card please read the below terms and conditions carefully. 
Hard cards will be issued under your team name.  IE: A team racing in Superbikes under the name of Team Marvel would receive 5 x hardcards listed as: Team Marvel 1, Team Marvel 2, Team Marvel 3 etc.

Terms and Conditions

I agree that I intend to attend all rounds* of the 2024 ASBK Championship.

I understand that the incorrect use of the hard card will result in its cancellation.  

I agree that if the hard card or car pass is lost or damaged, I will incur a $25 replacement fee.


*This excludes WSBK  

Have any questions? please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ASBK team at events2@ma.org.au or track@ma.org.au  

For those of you who do want hard cards, electronic tickets will be sent to the rider's email address as listed in their Ridernet profile account.  Please ensure this is up to date.

Question Title

* 1. Class

Question Title

* 2. Team Name (to appear on tickets)

Question Title

* 3. Rider License number

Question Title

* 4. Rider race number

Question Title

* 5. Rider Name (First and last name)

Question Title

* 6. Entrant license number (if Entrant Licence is held).  This is NOT the Riders Licence number or any other licence other than an MA-issued ENTRANT LICENCE.

Question Title

* 7. Entrant: Name (first and last name)

Question Title

* 8. Entrant: Phone number