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Thank you for taking the time to complete the Extended External Reporting User Survey. It should take around 15/20 minutes. We would appreciate your response by 5 pm, Monday 10 July 2017. This survey aims to determine user needs as they relate to extended external reporting (EER).

For the purpose of this survey, extended external reporting includes all information above and beyond what a for-profit entity is required to provide under the Companies Act 1993 and the Financial Reporting Act 2013. Extended external reporting can include information on a for-profit entity’s outcomes, governance, risks, prospects, strategies and its economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts.

This survey is a collaboration with the External Reporting Board (XRB) and forms part of the McGuinness Institute’s Project ReportingNZ. Our objectives are to (a) raise awareness about the importance of non-financial information, (b) learn more about what is and is not working in the current reporting landscape and (c) understand the barriers to and enablers of extended external reporting. We are also surveying the CFOs of significant New Zealand companies in order to conduct a comparative assessment. The overall purpose of the project is to contribute to an informed society through better access to, and assessment of, information in the public interest.

The questions in this survey are posed under the assumption that you will answer them with a particular industry in mind, but this is not essential. For example, you may like to comment on a specific for-profit entity. The McGuinness Institute will prepare a summary of the survey results and present these at two events in November 2017. Your responses will be treated in confidence; if excerpts are used, they will not be attributed to a particular person or organisation. 

There are four parts to this survey.

Part A: Contact information (mandatory)
Part B: Current content (voluntary)
Part C: Current accessibility (voluntary)
Part D: Future landscape (voluntary)

Please note that some questions include links to further information.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Sally Hett or Isabella Smith on +64 4 499 8888 or email

Note: If you are using the same computer, you can start the survey and then go back to it at a later time to complete or change your responses before you send it. Once you have sent us your survey response you will have to contact us to make changes.