The K-12 Outreach Office, housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is interested in learning more about your awareness of and interactions with their programs. To get started, here is their current mission statement.

K-12 Outreach is committed to partnerships that support quality education for Alaska. We endeavor to do this by:

 - helping to grow our own educators,
 - supporting educational agencies to recruit quality educators,
 - providing individualized support to new teachers,
 - supporting place-based education, and
 - helping to increase the effectiveness and retention of teachers.

As an education stakeholder in Alaska your participation is valued. The following survey should take no more than 5 minutes. Each page will identify one of four K-12 Outreach programs (ASMP, ATP, EdRising AK, Place-based Education), share the specific mission statement, and then ask a few quick questions. The final two pages gather a little information about you as a stakeholder and provide a place for you to share your thoughts on needs. 

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