About Clare Leader Forum

Who we are
The Clare Leader Forum is a Disabled People’s organisation based in Clare, working together to achieve our human rights equal to others. We are a pan-impairment grassroots advocacy organisation, grounded in the social model of disability, human rights (CRPD) and independent living philosophy.

Our Vision
An Ireland where everyone, regardless of impairment, are treated equally and chooses how and where they live.

What we are doing
We are compiling research, based on the human rights experiences of people with disabilities, which will provide insights into the lives of disabled people, raising our voices that are often silenced, providing rich documentation on what we have achieved and what more needs to be done.

The book will be launched in December, drawing attention to the fact that the ideals, dreams and aspirations of those involved in the War of Independence 1921 are NOT the reality for every citizen, that our rights are accessed differently based on our disability, the state has not yet created a society where all of Ireland’s children can embody the independence that was fought for by our ancestors.

Your Voice Matters! Our Voices Together Matter! Please answer these questions and you will be part of this very important and exciting Book: 'Nothing About Us Without Us'

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* 1. Have you heard of Clare Leader Forum?

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* 2. Clare Leader Forum:
  • Supports each other in achieving our rights
  • Speaks to politicians about rights of people with disabilities
  • Provides training to other disabled people to get involved
  • Organises public event to help the public understand what if feels like to be treated differently and unequally to others?
What else should we do?

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