Help us reform Australia's outdated scheme of fundraising regulation

The Charities Crisis Cabinet believes now is the time to achieve meaningful reform to Australia’s not fit for purpose and outdated system of fundraising regulation.  We need your help.  Please take five minutes to complete this short survey on your experience with current disparate regulations across states and territories.
Fundraising reform and relief is one of the first issues that was raised with the Charities Crisis Cabinet (CCC) as Australian charities responded to COVID-19 and bushfire recovery.
Charities told us Australia’s out of date and not fit for purpose system of fundraising regulation stymied and hindered them when they needed to be nimble, and when they most needed support.  Crisis is not a time to work through seven different sets of rules and regulations in order to place a ‘donate here’ button on a website.
Both the Australian Treasurer and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements engaged with this issue and have sought to advance the harmonisation of fundraising regulation to establish a single national regulatory scheme.  The CCC commends the Treasurer for elevating this issue into his discussions with state and territory colleagues.
Progress against the Royal Commission’s recommendations is being tracked here, including Recommendation 21.2 – Reform fundraising laws: Australian, state and territory governments should create a single national scheme for the regulation for charitable fundraising.
The CCC and the Fixfundraising coalition will continue to push for the full implementation of the Royal Commission’s recommendation. To do this we want to be able to highlight which State and Territory governments are making progress in reducing red tape and which are not. We can only really do this by telling your stories about what it takes to register your fundraising activity and comply with varying regulations around Australia. 

Please take five minutes to complete this short survey on your experience with the current system of fundraising regulation.

The survey may be completed anonymously. Data will be aggregated to protect identity.  Please use the survey 'BACK' buttons (rather than your web browser) if you need to move back through the survey.
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