The Surrey Board of Trade believes that transportation is one of the key economic foundations of building our city. Representing the interests of our members, we advocate in support of transportation infrastructure improvements for the safe and efficient movement of people and commercial traffic throughout Surrey. To do this, we need to continually assess areas in Surrey that may be impediments for our businesses and industry. This survey is your opportunity to tell us where the challenges are for your business. The deadline to complete this survey is November 19, 2020. 

The City's large network of over 4,500 lane kilometres of road is seeing an increasing population of commuter and commercial usage. The 10-Year Servicing Plan (YSP) establishes the Engineering Department's capital expenditure program including road improvement projects. While the 10-YSP is not a commitment to construct all the identified projects, it identifies projects that will be constructed on a year-to-year basis as funding becomes available. Priorities are evaluated annually; and major projects take approximately 3 years from planning to completion.

The City has added seven of the intersection projects SBOT members identified as top priorities. These include:
  • 24 Ave and 156 St;
  • 32 Ave and 140 St;
  • 60 Ave and 148 St;
  • 82 Ave and 128 St;
  • 88 Ave and Harvie Rd;
  • 108 Ave and 144 St, and;
  • 108 Ave and Oriole Dr.

The questions below include a number of intersection and road corridor projects in which the City of Surrey is particularly interested in finding out your opinion. Projects recommended to city staff from last year's respondents, but not yet in construction, are included in the list of priorities for the 2020 survey. The results of this survey will be provided to the City to help prioritize future road improvement projects.

Thank you for sharing your time and experience with The Surrey Board of Trade as we work on behalf of our members.