Understanding data flows for the SDGs is of interest to countries, custodian agencies, and several UN agencies.

At the request of the 49th UNSC, the co chair of IAEG-SDGs and CCSA are preparing implementation guidance for countries and custodian agencies on SDG global data flows  The aim of the exercise is to improve the efficiency and transparency in the production of global statistics for SDGs.  

The results from the UNECE CES pilot study will provide practical suggestions to support this effort, which will be submitted for consideration by the IAEG-SDGs and CCSA. 

This is an observational study: we are interested in your actual experiences and opinions.  There are no “right or wrong” answers or situations. We would like your descriptions of your “real life” approaches, challenges, and solutions to providing data for the global SDG indicators.

There are two parts of this questionnaire. The first part asks you to describe your data flow processes and interactions with countries regarding three indicators:
  • 15.4.2 Mountain Green Cover Index
  • 6.4.1 Change in water-use efficiency over time
  • 6.4.2 Level of water stress: freshwater withdrawal as a proportion of available freshwater resource
Based on these case studies and, more generally, your experiences with other SDG indicators for which you are responsible, the second part asks you to describe what works well and what does not, including suggestions on ways to improve the process.
You can complete this questionnaire by PDF or online at For more information, please contact Ms Claire Plateau ( or Mr. Övünç Uysal (