Draft Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy (RSES) Submission

The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy is a twelve year plan which aims to ensure that Ireland develops in a balanced way - without regions being left behind and without Dublin growing beyond its capacity.  The Southern Regional Assembly is the organisation responsible for devising the strategy and following consultations around the region they have come up with a draft strategy and are now calling for submissions to it. 
Clare PPN has put together this survey to help people make submissions. It is not necessary for you to consider the whole draft document (linked below) to take this survey. If there is something that you are passionate about seeing happen to support sustainable lives in Clare, then you can submit just on that or you can respond to the whole survey. We'll gather all the responses and put in a submission before the deadline of March 8th.

The Southern Regional Assembly has prepared a draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the whole of the Southern Region for the period 2019-2031.

The draft RSES provides a long-term regional level strategic planning and economic framework, in support of the implementation of the National Planning Framework, for the future physical, economic and social developments for the Southern Region.

To view the draft RSES click here: Draft RSES

The draft RSES is a consultation document and the Southern Regional Assembly will consider all submissions sent to: rses@southernassembly.ie on or before 5.00pm Friday 8th March 2019.

Alternatively you can fill in this survey and Clare PPN will compile a submission from it.  We need all completed surveys back to us by Wed March 6th @ 5.00pm Wednesday 6th March 2019.  Your answers will be collated and included in the Clare PPN submission.

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* 1. The RSES strategy is divided into ten strategic outcomes.  Which ones are your priorities? (tick all that apply)

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* 2. Can you think of anything that should be listed as a strategic outcome that is not covered in the list above? 

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* 3. RSES Chapter 3 'People & Places' lists the following as key development principles 

The need to provide adequate quantity and quality housing for existing and future housing demand including addressing the current housing crises and homelessness:
• Investing and delivering the infrastructure that improves the liveability and quality of life of urban and rural places:
• Make regeneration and development of existing built-up areas as attractive and viable as greenfield development;
• Tackling legacies such as concentrations of disadvantage in central urban areas through social, economic, recreational, cultural, environmental as well as physical infrastructure regeneration;
• Linking regeneration and development initiatives to environmental protection, climate action to support a reduced carbon footprint;
• Provide strong regional policy support for local level policy and initiatives which achieve national policy targets for renewal
and compact growth; and
• Provide strong regional support for policy and initiatives at the local level which restrict urban generated sprawl, strengthen the urban fabric and role of settlements servicing hinterlands, consolidate existing settlements, and protect the environment and resources of rural areas from haphazard, urban generated housing patterns.

Have you any comments and/or suggestions on these key principles ?

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* 4. RSES Chapter 4 'A Strong Economy' - a strategy to secure future economic prosperity and achieve regional parity

With its' unparalleled settlement distribution, its scope for sustainable economic growth, and the quality of life it can offer the Southern region has a very strong competitive advantage.

Developing a strong, sustainable economy based on parity of opportunity and increased well-being for our citizens is a central goal of the RSES. It focuses on enterprise development, skills, innovation and place-making.

What do you believe are the key drivers for a strong economy?

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* 5. RSES Chapter 5 'Environment' - Creating a clean environment for a healthy society

The core needs for our wellbeing are clean air, clean water, and access to amenity, safe food, stable environment, and safe shelter. The quality of each one of these is directly influenced by the quality of the environment. Preventing damage to the environment also helps to protect our health and wellbeing and is a core component of the strategy.

There are many challenges to the protection of our environment.  The RSES seeks to integrate sustainable economic and social development with the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. The key vision is of social progress and prosperity conducted by sustainable policies and objectives for allocating resources and developing a quality human environment consistent with respect for the natural environment.

Do you agree with this vision and do you think it recognises the critical importance of the current climate emergency?  

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* 6. RSES Chapter 6 'Connectivity'

The RSES has identified the following connectivity objectives to support the realisation the full potential of places, achieving economic prosperity, improving quality of life and accommodating growth and development in suitable locations:

• Enhancing regional accessibility through upgraded transport infrastructure and digital connectivity allied to transformed settlement hierarchy;
• To transform our transport systems from polluting and carbon intensive modes to well-functioning integrated public transport, walking and cycling and electric vehicles;
• Optimise our international connectivity through investment and increased capacity in our ports and airports and provision of high-quality digital connectivity throughout the region

Have you any comments on the above objectives?

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* 7. RSES Chapter 7 'Quality of Life' 

Sustainable communities are safeguarded through the development of social principles based on social capital, needs-based access to services and amenities, equity, transparency, democracy and the development of a collective approach to sustainable living. Strong mixture of tenure type, with affordable housing alongside environmentally sustainable modes for the movement of people and goods with parity of access by able and disabled people, are among the key principles in strengthening and consolidating functioning communities.

Can you suggest any measures by which the quality of life could be improved for all of those living in the Southern Region ?

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* 8. RSES  Chapter 8 'Water & Energy Utilities'

Key priorities for the region are to ensure that the settlement strategy has regard to the capacity of existing public water services, to ensure that investment is targeted to enable growth and that growth is phased such that planned water services infrastructure is delivered timely for infrastructure led sustainable growth patterns.

As the national provider of public water services, Irish Water has a key role in the development of an area, be it regional or local, and the delivery of spatial planning and economic policy and objectives. In addition to current projects it is anticipated that, (subject to availability of funding), a number of significant water services infrastructure projects will be required within the lifetime of the RSES (and some may extend beyond the RSES lifetime) to support planned development and maintain and improve existing services.

A safe, secure and reliable supply of energy is critical to a well-functioning region. With projected increases in population and economic growth, the demand for energy is set to increase in the coming years. In the context of a move towards a more energy efficient society and an increase in renewable sources of energy, there is a need to set a policy approach which will address meeting national targets for renewable electricity generation, climate change and security of energy supplies

Have you any comments and/or suggestions regarding  water, waste and utilities?

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* 9. Is there anything else (comments/suggestions/ideas) not covered in a question above which you would like to see included in our submission on this Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy?

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