Pollination and Farm Resilience

The “Managing vegetation on farm targeting pollinators and farm resilience” is a five-year project funded by the Australian Government under the National Landcare Program that works with farmers to improve the pollination services provided by beneficial insects and other pollinators through revegetation programs with perennials and/or native vegetation that enhances food availability for these pollinators and indirectly improves the pollination and biodiversity services provided. This targets revegetation to improve both biodiversity and pollination services, ensuring the farm is more resilient and can better withstand the impacts of a changing climate.

We are working with three canola producers and three orchardists, predominantly avocado growers, throughout the life of the project.  As part of that project, we need to conduct baseline surveys to gauge to what extent farmers understand the roles of pollinators and beneficial insects in their crops, as well as their attitudes towards remnant vegetation, revegetation and their perceived benefits/risks. Project activities will then be implemented to address any identified issues.

These surveys will then be followed up at the end of the project in 2023 to see if there has been any change in understanding and/or attitudes. 

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