The City of Hood River intends to form a new Urban Renewal District on the west side of Hood River (Click Here). The purpose is to fund a variety of projects identified in the City’s 2021 Transportation System Plan, the 2020 Multi-Jurisdictional Park Plan, and the 2022 Hood River Affordable Housing Strategy

 Urban Renewal is not a new tax and does not increase property taxes. Instead, it redirects property tax growth from taxing districts (except education districts) for a specific period of time. These funds are then used to pay for priority projects identified in an Urban Renewal District plan, such as improving public infrastructure.

The City prepared a draft list of priority projects to be funded by the Westside Urban Renewal District(Click Here). Please answer the two questions below. 

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* 1. The draft priority projects were selected from the City’s Transportation System Plan, Affordable Housing Strategy, and the Multi-Jurisdictional Parks Master Plan. Are there any projects from these plans that you think should replace other draft priority projects in the Westside Urban Renewal District? 

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* 2. Do you have any other comments about the Westside Urban Renewal District draft priority project list?