Submission Instructions and Deadline

The APS Joint Program Committee (JPC) is seeking member input for the Experimental Biology Series at the APS Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology (EB) 2022 meeting, April 2-5 in Philadelphia, PA. The Experimental Biology Series should cut across multiple research areas and be of interest to a broad audience attending EB.  These competitive sessions can be scheduled as oral symposia or possibly debates between leaders in the field. 

The JPC is seeking breakthrough topics and excellent speakers to highlight in this symposium series. Topics will be vetted by the Joint Program Committee and combined and consolidated to form a minimum of five 90-minute sessions.  Approved sessions will be funded at $3,000 to defray speaker/chair travel expenses and each presenter will receive complimentary registration.

YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contact the JPC representative most aligned with the program topic to get guidance on what the committee is looking for regarding integrative nature.

Speaker selection must demonstrate diversity in scientific institution, gender and race/ethnicity.

The following submission materials will be required. Please gather the data before proceeding as you will not have the opportunity to exit this session and return.

1. Your name and full contact information
2. The overall session topic
3. Three key words
4. A descriptive abstract of the session goals and area to be addressed
5. A pool of up to six (6) unconfirmed speakers currently working in the area addressed to assist the JPC in evaluating the proposal.
6. For each speaker you will need to provide:
     a. A possible presentation title or a brief statement about why the speaker is suggested.
     b. The full name, institutional affiliation and email address for the speaker
     c.  Three key words for the speaker's research
     d.  Demographic info about the speaker



Question Title

* 1. Enter the sub-discipline(s) that most closely align to