1. Targeted Individuals (No Touch Torture Survey)

This research is to determine common complaints of targeted individuals and if they suffer trauma from no touch torture. It will involve your experiences, physical or psychological damage and any other issues associated with no touch torture. A targeted individual is defined as three or more people who destroy one’s life by organized through various means. Gangstalking is an example of a common tactic.
The purpose of the study is to determine not only common complaints of targeted individuals but if they suffer from no touch torture. The duration is as long as the subject feels comfortable answering the questions, approximately up to 10 minutes. This may induce trauma for discussing these issues. The only requirement is to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and experience. The benefit is that it may expose, educate, and empower those who are victims of these alleged crimes and get support. The information presented in this section is discussed in greater detail later in the consent form. 
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