To apply to the Project K activities - Innovation Seed Fund and the EF-to-EF Mentorship Program - you need to answer the Practice Standards for EFs. The answers to the standards will help your Fund identify areas, in which your Fund is particularly strong and experienced and maybe others where it needs further strengthening.

The Project K team will prepare and send you an individual analysis of your Fund's situation, which will not be shared with other institutions. We recommend you organize a group to answer this form, including the Executive Director, a technical person and a financial person. It will be easier and a great opportunity for a collective internal exercise. Please be as specific as you can, so the results are useful to your Fund.

This form is composed of 52 standards to be answered, divided in 6 groups:
1 - Governance
2 - Operations
3 - Administration
4 - Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
5 - Asset management
6 - Resources mobilization

Please read each standard and choose the situation that fits best to your Fund. Pick one of the options that you best consider to apply to your Fund. You can download the complete publication of the Standards in the EFs Knowledge Platform, available in pdf in English, Spanish and French. Also, if you have doubts, you can use the link in each standard, which will take you to the same content, but in an online format. You can also use the optional space for comments in each standard to give us your feedback or to include details if you wish.

If your Fund is a public one, some questions may not apply. In this case, you can answer "not applicable", but most standards are applicable also to public Funds.

If you have problems with Internet connection and cannot finalize the answers, please contact and an offline version will be provided in Excel.

We hope that this self-assessment exercise is very useful for your Fund! Thank you very much in advance for participating!

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