What should health care in the future provide to you and your community?

 The North West LHIN is excited to launch an interactive community engagement initiative called Picture Your Health: Your Future. The campaign encourages residents to picture a future of health care that they want to see, and exploring what changes to the system are needed in order to make that picture a reality. 

The North West LHIN will use residents’ feedback to inform the development the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) 2019-2022, which guides health system transformation, health service delivery and funding decisions over a three-year period.

Make your voice heard, and share your vision for health care in your community through story-telling, photo, video and text.

'Picture Your Health: Your Story' kicks off on March 12, 2018 and will extend until May 7, 2018.

To make sure the North West LHIN hears from as many resident and stakeholders as possible, there are a number of ways to participate. You can provide your feedback through community workshops, survey, through the North West LHIN online engagement hub, or via social media. The North West LHIN will also have a presence at key community expos and events.

Find out more about all the ways you can engage, including when and where the North West LHIN will be, by visiting:

Make your voice heard!

To see what Sub-region you live in, please refer to the map below:

<span style="color: #000000; font-size: 10pt;">To see what Sub-region you live in, please refer to the map below:</span>

* 2. My home is in: (please write town name)

* 3. I work in:

* 4. Are you a regulated health professional?

* 5. I am a:

QUESTION #6: Over the past three years, the North West LHIN has been hearing about the priority areas listed below. Please leave your feedback (comments, suggestions, ways to improve) on the priorities applicable to you. For example, if mental health and addictions is an area of interest for you, you may leave a comment in the corresponding box saying “Mental Health and Addictions Nurses (MHANs) are a valuable resource in my community and my family has benefited from having them in schools”. You do not need to comment on each priority area. 

Your feedback will help to inform the development of the priority areas for the IHSP 2019-2022.

* 6. Priority Areas

* 7. Upload your image and share your 'picture' of future health care

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* 8. If you attached an image above, do you permit the North West LHIN to use your image as part of the campaign or post-campaign public-facing materials?

* 9. Do you identify as Indigenous?

* 10. Do you identify yourself as Francophone?

We want to assure you that your responses are completely anonymous. Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent. No personally identifiable information is captured unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information in any of the comment fields. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Communications and Community Engagement Director Petronilla Ndebele at petronilla.ndebele@lhins.on.ca