JustUS Voices is seeking the stories of formerly incarcerated women, as well as the children of formerly/currently incarcerated women, to help channel a new energy into the movement to end mass incarceration. We are soliciting stories from Californians who have been impacted by experiences with one or more of the following: child/family reunification, excessive bail, or significant barriers to re-entry (including difficulty obtaining housing, employment, student loans, professional licensing, insurance, etc.).

Through the use of video, interviews, guided storytelling, social media and live public events, JustUS Voices' storytelling platform will provide an outlet for formerly incarcerated women and their children to speak their truth, which in turn will create awareness of the impact mass incarceration has on families and communities. But we hope that this storytelling project will go even further than that: we believe in the power of storytelling and the strength of our voices to affect real policy change.

Participants in our 2018 round of stories will take part in an on-camera interview, a photo shoot and a “Living Library,” an event that showcases storytelling in its purest form through face-to-face encounters between our Voices and audience members. Participants may also be asked to contribute to our blog.

We invite you to view last year's Voices on our website and then review this application and determine whether you’d like to participate in this project and share your story. The application includes questions that allow you to share your experiences and insights. Through your testimonials and stories, the unique needs and experiences of formerly incarcerated women and their children can finally be heard. Tell your story, and make a difference. If you have questions, please email juvoices@gmail.com. The deadline to apply is March 23, 2018. Due to the number of in-person events required, this program is open to California residents only.

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