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Farm to Cafeteria Canada and its partners are developing an Evaluation Framework for Farm to School in Canada. The purpose of this process is to identify and articulate priority outcomes and indicators for farm to school programs. 

This survey will record your name, email and key areas of interest so that we can have an understanding of who is contributing to the process. The information you provide in this registration form will be kept confidential at all times and will be used to distribute survey links to you. None of the information provided in this form will be linked to your later survey responses. 

After completing this registration form, we will send you links to the surveys as they are made available, which you will be able to complete anonymously. Once you register to participate in the process you can choose to participate in as few or as many of the surveys or conversations as you like.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process don’t hesitate to reach out to Carolyn Webb, evaluation framework process coordinator, at cwebb@sustainontario.ca.