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Please complete this survey by 30 September 2020.
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The purpose of the survey is better to understand the practices and attitudes of philanthropic foundations towards media funding in Europe and how they are supporting media and journalism. For the purpose of this survey, ‘media and journalism’ refer to news, current affairs and information in the public interest. This support may come in the form of grants, and/or assistance beyond the grant to strengthen the infrastructure, professional development, and other needs at media organizations. 

We are looking primarily for input from foundations with headquarters in Europe (irrespective of whether they are active in Europe or worldwide), but also from foundations which are based elsewhere, yet engage with European media. 

We plan to publish a report on our findings, but your responses will be kept completely confidential. When results of this survey are shared:

- All numeric rating responses to this survey will be reported in aggregate.
- If we quote part of your response to an open-ended question, we will mask all identifying information in the quote to thoroughly protect your anonymity.