In its 2018 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, the City of Iowa City lists expansion of solar energy as one of the ways the City can respond to the challenges of climate change. A study is now underway between the City, the Johnson Clean Energy District, the University of Iowa, and other partners to identify options for such a program in the coming decade. 

Community input is an essential part of this study. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the interests, preferences, and concerns of Iowa City residents and businesses about solar energy expansion in our community. The survey is meant to provide the City with general guidance and is not related to any specific solar project or idea.

This survey takes about 10 minutes and is anonymous. Your contact information will not be connected to your survey responses.

The survey has two sections: one for residents and one for business owners. If you are both a resident and a business owner in Iowa City, please choose if you would like to provide information about your home or your business. The survey will ask for some general demographic information, with an option of “prefer not to say” for each demographic question.

As an inducement to participation, the Johnson Clean Energy District is giving away ten packages of 10 LED bulbs. If you would like to participate in the drawing for a package of these bulbs and receive follow-up information on the study results and this survey, you will be given the opportunity to provide your contact information separate from the survey.

We appreciate your interest in this survey. If you have any questions, contact

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