Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction

Thank you for your interest in providing professional development to the membership of the National Association for Music Education.  In this survey you will be asked several questions to ensure we have as much information as possible for the Professional Development Committee. This should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete. All webinar proposals will be peer reviewed before being accepted and produced.  (Note: if you are a current or prospective NAfME Corporate Member please do not use this form. Contact Corporate@nafme.org for information on corporate member benefits.)

Please take some time to collect the following information before beginning the survey: NAfME member ID number,  contact information, target demographics and the content area(s) for your webinar proposal, including keywords. You will be asked to respond to the question prompts listed below. You may want to answer these first in a word document and then copy and paste into the submission platform. 

Question Prompts:
  • Address your learning objective(s) for the webinar, how the topic is current and relevant for NAfME members, and how the webinar addresses proven and applied instructional practices or is supported by music education research (250-400 words).
  • Describe how your webinar delivery will be engaging and well organized (50 words).
  • Describe how you will use inclusive language to support all learners in your webinar. (50 words),
  • If applicable, describe how your webinar relates to the 2014 National Music Standards (50 words).
  • If applicable, describe how your webinar will use diverse repertoire examples that fit your audience. (50 words).
  • Short Author Biography (50-100 words)
Scoring Criteria

Your proposal will be scored in the following areas:

  1. The webinar is well defined, and provides a clear learning objective for the topic presented.
  2. The webinar topic will be presented by a NAfME member and is based on proven and applied instructional practices or supported by music education research.
  3. The webinar content is current, relevant, and would be of interest to NAfME members.
  4. The webinar delivery is engaging and organized.
  5. The webinar uses diverse repertoire that is appropriate for its audience.
  6. The webinar utilizes appropriate language.  (ex. avoids gendered or deficit language, considers audience, uses inclusive language)
Note: to facilitate the review process, please notify John Donaldson at johnd@nafme.org when you have successfully completed the online submission of your proposal.