What's the frog/virus connection?

The nationally endangered Baw Baw frog is found only in an area of just 80 square kilometres on the Baw Baw plateau, Victoria. It needs a special habitat to survive. Unlike most tadpoles, Baw Baw tadpoles do not feed. Instead, they hatch with a yolk sac that sustains them until they turn into frogs. They do not swim either, but develop under vegetation and leaf litter where there is little free-flowing water. Once thought to number between 20 000 and 30 000, now fewer than 600 frogs remain. The reasons for the decline of the Baw Baw frog are unknown, but could include climate change, pollution, habitat destruction or disease.

That's a sad start to a survey, right?

But it is THE REASON why we need to capture our insights from our collective COVID19 experiences, in order to do what we do more effectively, to give the Baw Baw a fighting chance at surviving. 

"We are all in this together". We've all seen and heard that phrase. We've all now had the common experience of living through a global pandemic. And as we near the time of restrictions easing, we can share what was common across our experience, and also what wasn't.

Now is the time to capture these lessons, our thoughts, ideas, insights about what has changed and what needs to change as we emerge out the other side.

In particular, our thoughts about how we manage work, ourselves, others. How we lead teams, projects, organisations? How we use science to influence policy for more sustainable outcomes? How to become more effective, more impactful? 

As a professional in the water and environment sector in Australia, your voice is important and powerful.

Your ideas and insights are valid and valuable.

We need ALL OF YOU to respond to this survey - so we can create a truly meaningful research/reflective piece of work which will collate and analyse your responses (names not attributed) into a sharable blog, digest, a "something" that is of use to the water and NRM sector in Australia.

Your insight, hindsight, and foresight will inform and inspire others, and you never know, may even create some change towards an environmentally equitable world where the armies of Baw Baw's croaking can be heard across the lands...

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* 2. How do you identify? 

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* 3. On INSIGHT - Someone once wrote "When everything is uncertain, everything that is important, becomes clear".

What's become important for you, personally?

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* 4. What has become most important in relation to how you work? 

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* 5. What has become most important in relation to how leaders, lead? 

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* 6. What has become most important that relates to water and natural resource management in Australia? 

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* 7. WHY HINDSIGHT's 2020 - and as Tom Foolery said is his now famous poem “And so when we found the cure, and were allowed to go outside; we all preferred the world we found to the one we’d left behind.”

What's your ONE GREAT REALISATION (as it relates to water and natural resource management)?

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Predictive foresight aims to identify the key forces which will shape the future and predict outcomes.

What do you THINK will shape the future, and what do you THINK the future will look like? (as it relates to water and NRM in Australia)

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Creative foresight creates an imagined vision of the future we would ideally have and then we would plan effective means to make it happen.

What future do you ideally want, and what do we need to do to make it happen? (as it relates to water and NRM in Australia)

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* 10. Thank you for reflecting and contributing your ideas and thoughts. There is one last comment box below for any last minute thoughts..... And just in case you've not seen Tom Foolery's "Why Hindsight's 2020", here it is....

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