Dear participant,

The aim of this project is to survey synthesisers of evidence to assess their thoughts, opinions and attitudes towards predatory journals. We wish to understand whether or not you have encountered predatory publishing practices before, and if so, how did you subsequently utilise these studies in the review process.

This will help inform guidance, educational needs and future research in this field.
This project has recieved ethics approval from the University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee (H-2020-240). Please click here to access a complete participant information sheet  and to view the ethics approval letter.

You are being asked to answer some questions regarding your experiences of predatory publishing practices as a researcher, academic, clinician or student in the field of evidence synthesis. If you wish to participate in this project, then you may answer the following questions. By answering the questions presented you consent to the research team using your responses for future data analysis.

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* Do you consent to the research team using your anonymised data for future research purposes?

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