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APPLICATION Due Date Extension:  April 2, 2018
The ROC Leadership Institute is the  national training event for community leaders who live in resident-owned communities across the country.  There will be opportunities to develop community organizing, Board, and business skills.

(Please note that each online application must be completed from a different machine.)

Program: The event kicks off with registration at 4 pm and dinner at 6 pm on Thursday, June 7, 2018 on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH.
We will start each day at 7:30 am with breakfast followed by workshops from 9 am – 5 pm.  The evening events on Friday and Saturday include dinner and program through 8:30 pm.  There will be no program on Sunday; breakfast will be available that day, for those who desire.  

We have two options: Day Participant for those who choose to commute each day and Overnight Participant.    

Program Cost: There is no cost to Resident-Owned Community participants. The entire event is sponsored by ROC USA.  This includes transportation costs to/from Manchester (flights, shuttles, parking, and mileage), all meals, overnight accommodations on the SNHU campus (if desired), and workshops. 

Commitment: Each participant is expected to be fully engaged and attend each session.

Selection: Preference is given to community leaders who apply with other leaders from their ROC.  Consider coming as a team.  The selection committee will notify applicants no later than April 20th.  The committee will maintain a waitlist of candidates until June 1st.

Accommodations: Everyone will be able to stay in the air conditioned rooms at Tuckerman Hall.  (See  For the most part, participants will share external bathrooms, but groups of rooms (called pods) will be able to use unisex bathrooms.  Some of the double rooms have interior bathrooms.  Linens will be provided, which include a blanket, sheets, pillow and case, two each: bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

The SNHU Campus is 100% ADA compliant.  This event will be held in three buildings:  Tuckerman Hall, the Dining Hall (300 yards apart), and Academic Building (100 yards farther).  There are gentle slopes, and routes via stairs are more direct.  Each building has parking for cars.  Participants will typically handle a round-trip between Tuckerman and the Dining Hall once per day, and several trips between the Dining Hall and the Academic Building daily.  This should not be a deterrent, as wheel chairs and scooters can be provided.  

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* 11. Which nights will you be staying in the dorm?  (Day participants can still be included in Friday and Saturday night dinners and programs.)

* 12. If you are staying in the dorm, what is your room preference?

* 13. If double, who do you want to room with?

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* 18. Please list any food allergies. This absolutely will not affect your chances of attending, we simply ask for planning purposes.

* 19. List any dietary restrictions. This absolutely will not affect your chances of attending, we simply ask for planning purposes.

* 20. Do you have any physical restrictions? This absolutely will not affect your chances of attending, we simply ask for planning purposes.

* 21. Will you need for a wheelchair?

* 22. Will you need a scooter?

* 23. Please provide two emergency contacts. (Use people who are not at the Institute.)

* 24. What is it about the ROC Leadership Institute that makes you want to apply?

* 25. What leadership position(s) have you held in the past, or do you hold now, on your ROC Board, in your community, at your job, in your town, at school/church/association or any other organization? For how long have you held it (them)?

* 26. What could ROC USA do at the ROC Leadership Institute, or in any other way, to help you achieve your plans?

* 27. How do you plan to be of service to your community this year? In the next 3-5 years?

* 28. I have read and understand the program requirements of the ROC Leadership Institute and I understand the commitment required for it. If selected, I will devote the time and energy needed to complete the Institute and I will attend all scheduled sessions. By choosing "Yes" below, I acknowledge that I have the cooperation of my community and/or all parties involved with me for completing this course.

Thank you for applying to the 2018 ROC Leadership Institute. Don't forget to click the DONE button below. We expect to notify applicants by April 6.  
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Deb Wyman at  (603) 513-2836 or