What is the Challenge?

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This year’s challenge is focused on supporting the roll-out of the Learning Services Architecture (LSA). 

We’d like to see presentations from solutions providers who work with the data exchanges that form part of the LSA Roadmap for Australia.

We’re looking for presentations that show how you make use of the data from these nationally-agreed exchanges. 

If your product covers more than one of the data exchange use-cases, then we’re happy for you to make submissions in more than one category.

This year’s Interoperability Challenge presentations will be held in the TeachMeet Theatre at EduTECH. The successful applicants will be given the opportunity to give a four minute presentations to State and Territory Education CIOs, non-government school IT leaders, national agency representative as well as general audience.

We’re looking for a product solution that stands out in each of the use case categories, and we’re particularly interested in products that can show how they consume this data from another system, or products that share data with others. 
If you can present jointly with another partner you exchange this data with, then that’s even better.

The data exchange use cases are set out in more detail in our accompanying information on the NSIP website (nsip-interoperability-challenge-2017). We are asking you to choose from one of the below to show which use case you want to highlight for your product. You are welcome to submit more than one application using different use cases.

- Enrolment
- Attendance
- Assessment
- Wellbeing
- Finance
- Timetable
- Curriculum Planning
- Professional Learning

Your product can be something that creates and captures this data, or it can be something that works with this data when it’s provided by other systems; and of course your product can be both a producer and consumer of this data in its own right.

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