The Instream Flow Council and American Fisheries Society requests your input regarding a proposed

National Instream Flow and Water Level Conservation Training Center
For nearly two decades, instream flow conservation principles were provided under the direction of the federal Cooperative Instream Flow Service Group (CIFSG) in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since that group ceased to exist in 2001, there has been no substitute centralized source of training and support services for instream flow and water level conservation studies established. The remainder of people who received training by the CIFSG have subsequently retired or moved to other jobs. As a result this interdisciplinary water conservation field has begun losing a central focus which has the potential to lead to diminished credibility with quantifying the effects of water uses and management and research on effective conservation of instream flow and water levels on fish, wildlife, and habitat and other ecological aspects.

These concerns are being addressed by the Instream Flow Council and American Fisheries Society through a multi-state conservation grant project that will determine the feasibility and path for establishing a new instream flow and water level conservation training center (National Center). As the first step of this project a steering committee was formed representing major water stakeholder interests to assess the needs and support for a new National Center whose mission is to synthesize emerging research and to develop and provide uniform interdisciplinary training in support of all aspects of ecological flow and water level conservation.

This questionnaire attempts to identify interest in and level of support for such a National Center.  The survey is open until midnight (2400) ET,  Friday, August 6, 2021 and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.