CARLI Instruction Showcase 2018

The CARLI Instruction Committee is seeking presentation proposals for the sixth annual Instruction Showcase on Thursday, May 31st at Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

Proposals should outline an instruction session activity that supports skills-based or conceptual learning and encourages active student participation. Please include a full lesson plan with your proposal (upload file on next page). All lesson plans must include the following elements: topic, learning objectives, materials, lesson outline, assessment of student learning, and applicable knowledge practices and/or dispositions from the Framework for Information Literacy.

* 1. Presenter Name(s):

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* 4. Please provide a short description (100-200 words) of your presentation for the Instruction Showcase. Be sure to indicate the intended audience for the proposed instructional activity as well as how/if the activity can be adapted for different audiences or institutions.

* 5. Please provide a title for your presentation