1. Instructions for Submitting a Roundtable Submission

We are soliciting submissions for three institutional representative roundtables for the #2020APPAM Fall Research Conference. For the first time, we will feature sessions of interest to the institutional reps at the Fall Conference. Topics may include pedagogy, teaching resources, student readiness and research networks or other topics of general interest to the institutional members.

Roundtables are discussion-based sessions with a moderator and 3 - 4 participants, designed to discuss one topic.  Papers should not be presented.  Roundtables are designed to maximize participation/questions from the audience. Submissions will be collected until June 1st and a selection committee, comprised of institutional reps, will make the three selections by July 1st.

If you have any questions about submitting or the submissions in general, please reach out to Tara Sheehan, tsheehan@appam.org