* 1. Thank you for your time to review and provide feedback on Initiatives you and the staff created.  This survey is open to anyone across the Alliance -- member staff, Board, Council, Alliance staff!  Please consider your choices carefully and return one survey per person. The link will be open until June 1 at 5 pm.  

There are 60 Initiatives!  We strongly recommend you review the initiatives and use the pdf of the survey to mark what notes you want to make.  The spreadsheet distributed with this link provides an overall perspective on each section.  You are welcome to read each Initiative, or just those that are unfamiliar.  Each Initiative has a link to a many page form explaining the Initiative in more detail.  You won't know everything about the Initiative, but please do your best!

We are interested in your opinion about the Initiatives, and where you'd like to spend your time, and see the Alliance invest its people and financial resources.  To gain your feedback, and relative prioritization, we invite you to distribute UP TO 100 POINTS PER SECTION.  There is no automatic setting for counting these, so please double check the count for that page before you click NEXT.  The initiatives on each page will present themselves in a Alphabetic order. 

Responses require names and affiliations, and may be seen by the Strategic Planning Project Group, Teams, Board, Alliance central staff and Council, but will your name not be posted publicly.  Your feedback is advisory, as the Council will select final goals and Initiatives in July.  But Teams, Board and the Council are very interested in member feedback. 

REMINDER: You may distribute UP TO 100 'points' per page.  You are welcome to distribute those 'points' in any way, but we ask that you DO NOT use more than 100 total per page. If you do, we cannot use your response, because we don't know what you meant to distribute.  By using less than 100 points per page, you indicate that section's relative priority to other sections.

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