EDF survey on current practices that hinder independent mobility of persons with disabilities

Deadline: 1 July 2020
This survey explores the very broad topic of obstacles to independent mobility of persons with disabilities in transport. It concerns both the transport infrastructure and thus also partly the urban environment, transport vehicles, but also services, practices, and attitudes that can create obstacles to mobility.
We will focus on areas where there is currently no or insufficient EU legislation, such as in urban transport, or where EU legislation is not clear enough. The aim is to explore in which fields new or further legislative initiatives could be beneficial for persons with disabilities and which changes would make the biggest impact.

The focus is on the experience of persons with disabilities but others are also welcome to respond to reflect issues of usability and accessibility in general.

The survey is aimed at any person who considers themselves having a disability and or being hindered in their independent mobility in their daily lives, including older persons and persons who have temporary impairments. Furthermore, it is also open to persons who experience difficulties in their mobility for other reasons such as pregnant women, persons travelling with heavy luggage, parents travelling with small children, etc. Even though these persons do not have disabilities, they do benefit from improved accessibility and the removal of obstacles to independent mobility, which should be reflected in the data.

The questions will cover a variety of topics and include both a multiple-choice section and an open answer field. We consider it important that each respondent can describe in more detail what obstacles they have encountered to cover the full diversity of situations. You can always skip questions that are not interesting for you or are not applicable.

There will also be a free text field for comments at the end to ensure that we have addressed all the topics of importance and you can also upload supporting documents and images. The survey can be taken completely anonymously but those who want to provide contact details for further questions can do so. 

For questions about the content of the survey or problems with accessibility you can contact Marie Denninghaus at the EDF secretariat (marie.denninghaus@edf-feph.org). 

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