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 Hi Everyone,
We are very pleased to announce that we have commenced work on new Port Master Plans for the Ports of Cairns and Mourilyan.  Our master planning project will help us achieve our vision ‘to be a successful, sustainable Port operator and a valued contributor to regional economic growth’ by informing land use, infrastructure and operational decisions in a sensible and balanced way.  Key objectives of the new Port Master Plans will be to:

·      Drive port efficiency;
·      Enable trade growth;
·      Maximise economic value;
·      Identify and secure important supply chains such as road, rail and sea channels;
·      Enhance environmental values;
·      Address community and city interface issues; and
·      Communicate the ‘port vision’ to all stakeholders

At the same time, we are also developing a ‘whole of business’ Sustainability Strategy to help position the organisation, and our network of ports, for the future.
Collectively, the projects will consider economically feasible future growth pathways, ensure that we are protecting environmental values, ensure that our ports are growing compatibly with the communities in which they are located and finally, that we have the right people to deliver in the years ahead.
To inform these projects, we are undertaking this ‘Important Issues Survey’ to capture your views on the most important issues for consideration. We believe that the success of our projects relies on the early identification of important issues and feedback from you - our key stakeholders.
(Sometimes these surveys are called ‘Materiality Surveys’)
How to complete the survey?
The survey has two critical questions – the first relates to the Port Master Planning Project, whilst the second includes some additional topics relating to the Sustainability Project.
Under each question, there is a list of ‘important issues’. We would like you to rate the importance of each issue - rating 1 (least important) to 10 (most important). The objective is not to compare issues, but rather consider each issue on its own merit. 
Please note – if you are unsure of any issue, please simply mark ‘not applicable’. There are opportunities to add comments or additional issues at the end of the survey.
We would welcome your responses by COB on Friday, May 3.
Feedback is confidential. A 'survey summary' will be produced following analysis of the results.

Thanking you,
Chris Boland
CEO – Ports North

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