ITS World Congress National Immersion Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design

To demonstrate the innovative and technical strength of youth right here in the United States, the ITS World Congress 2020 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) sub-committee is offering an autonomous vehicle challenge to high school students from across the country through nationwide ITS chapters and other channels, potentially reaching thousands of students.  This project will offer ITS state chapters and others the opportunity to engage in talent development within their own communities!  With the support of the ELP sub-committee, high school teams and sponsoring organizations will be identified and engaged in this hands-on intelligent transportation project.
Student teams will receive a Power Wheels Jeep, project mission guidelines, and work within a $1,000 budget to complete the challenge in time for a virtual competition with teams across the country.  Three teams deemed winners in the performance challenge will be offered a trip to ITS World Congress in Los Angeles in October 2020!  Here they will have the opportunity to participate in seminars, tours, and other conference opportunities.  The three teams may demonstrate their vehicle’s ability to complete mission challenges and an additional mission challenge to demonstrate onsite! 

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* 1. Autonomous IVD OBJECTIVE: To challenge the Engineering and Technological skills of student teams through intelligent transportation focused missions that stress problem solving and teamwork.

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* 2. This document serves as a letter of intent to participate in the Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design Project presented by ITS World Congress 2020, adhering to the detailed parameters of the program’s rules, regulations and challenges. Teams will be expected to complete the challenge and be prepared to demonstrate their vehicle as prescribed in May 2020.

The administration of this school and district will lend necessary support through the assigned staff members, recruitment of at least five student participants, and building use for team and project assembly. Administration agrees to address and meet additional needs as they arise.

Team mentor (teacher) will be expected to stay in communication with Square One’s Executive Director, Barb Land and/or Program Director, Jason Beatty. Participants will be asked to complete a brief follow up survey.

Each team will work within a $1,000 budget to be used toward equipment, materials, travel and an ambassadorship component (shared learning with 100 younger students.) There is an $800 cost for the base vehicle and support services provided by the Square One Education Network.

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* 3. Administration Approval of Participation - Completion of this form is indicative of administrator approval.

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* 4. Sponsorship Detail