The 2019 Edition of the ALETI+ Census of the Information Technology and Communications Sector has the following objectives:

- updating information on the ICT Sector to obtain a detailed picture of the Sector, a necessary item for the formulation and monitoring of development strategies, including but not limited to public policies, as has been done anually since 2014;

- generate business opportunities and cooperation among participating companies, including business opportunities and research, development and innovation projects;

Since 2017, the initiative includes, in addition to the 19 member countries of ALETI, the possibility of participation for ICT companies located in any country.

Thanks in advance for completing the following questionnaire - the estimated total time is twenty minutes.

On behalf of all participating IT associations around the world,


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* Please enter the website address of your company (in case that you authorize, at the end of the Census questionnaire, the usage of this information for generating business opportunities, this same link will be sent out to those interested in products or services of your company): [3001]

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