1. Respondent Information

This year, ISS’ Annual Policy Survey is being undertaken in two parts, with the below, high-level survey covering certain fundamental and high-profile topics including “one-share, one vote,” pay ratio disclosures, the use of virtual meetings, and board gender diversity. This part of the survey will close on August 31 at 5pm ET.

A follow-on and more expansive portion of the survey can be accessed at the end of this initial short set of questions, allowing respondents to drill down into key issues by market and region as well as by topics such as responsible investment, takeover defences, and remuneration/compensation. This more in-depth part of the survey will remain open until Oct. 6, 2017, at 5pm ET.

We appreciate your taking the time to provide input to this survey. Your answers will help inform ISS policy development on a variety of different governance topics across global markets. Please feel free to pass on a link to this survey — ISS 2018 Governance Principles Survey — to others to whom it could be relevant, such as your colleagues operating around the globe.

For your convenience, you can download a copy of the survey for reference.

Respondents must provide verifiable information pertaining to name, title, email, and organization. However, your individual survey responses will not be shared with anyone outside of ISS and will be used only by ISS for policy formulation purposes.

If you have questions or would like to submit any further responses to any of the survey questions, please send these to policy@issgovernance.com.

* Please provide contact information so we can send you a copy of the survey results.

* Which category best describes the organization on whose behalf you are responding?

If you are a mutual fund, bank, or insurance company responding as a corporate issuer, please select the "corporate issuer" category in the question above.

* If you are an institutional investor, what is the size of your organization's equity assets under management or assets owned (in U.S. dollars) or what is the size of your organization's market capitalization (in U.S. dollars) if you are a corporate issuer?

* What is your primary geographic area of focus in answering the survey questions?

17% of survey complete.