A current registered ISO and ETA member whose actions move the payments industry forward, exhibits high ethical standards, and has successfully met industry challenges with demonstrated results.

* 1. Submit the name of the sales organization that you would like to nominate for the ISO of the Year Award.

* 2. Specify how the ISO meets the stated criteria for this award (provide as much detail and context as possible).

* 3. Explain how this ISO upholds the highest ethical standards in its business activities.

* 4. Describe how this ISO has modeled best practices in meeting compliance challenges while capitalizing on current opportunities.

* 5. Tell us about this company’s sales structure and how it contributes to the overall company philosophy.

* 6. Provide any additional information or metrics that quantify the company’s success and eligibility to receive this award (e.g., number of new applications per month, annual Visa/MasterCard volume, number of merchants on file, etc.).

* 7. Please provide your name, phone number and email where we can reach you with questions.