1. Our Purpose

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The City of Isle of Palms is deeply committed to the quality of life on our island, and to enhancing our residents' experiences as well.  We want this island to be a special place for those who live and work here, and for our guests.  Our goal is to preserve what makes us special, while ensuring the island is a beautiful, safe, well-maintained, and friendly community. 

Following are questions regarding liveability, safety, conservation, and more that will help guide our City and its Council in fulfilling its mission. This survey is for people who live, work and/or those visit the island frequently and use its amenities. It should take less than 10 minutes, and your input is a highly valuable part of our planning.  Please note that all responses are held 100% confidential and only summary of findings will be shared in reports to the City and Council.  If you should leave the survey, your answers will not be saved, and you will need to begin again. At the completion, please click "done" to record your answers.  

Thank you,
Mayor and City Council for IOP