This year, the Indiana Department of Transportation is updating their State Rail Plan. This State Rail Plan will identify proposed improvements in urban and rural areas to benefit the movement of people and goods through these areas. The SRP outlines freight and passenger rail planning activities that will achieve the objective for the state to provide a safe, efficient and convenient transportation system to Hoosiers.

The SRP is a way to connect all of these initiatives and allow them to move toward a common goal of optimal rail transportation in the state. In addition, the SRP will guide INDOT’s investment decisions to maintain and improve the rail transportation system, to support the movement of freight and passengers in Indiana, and ultimately strengthen the state’s economy and raise the quality of life for its citizens.

The development of a comprehensive SRP offers an opportunity for INDOT to accurately define what the rail system in the state looks like today and what it can look like in the future.

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Legal disclaimer: All information submitted for the State Rail Plan is considered confidential and proprietary in nature. It is and will be the property of the State of Indiana and is intended to be used and retained as such under the laws of the State of Indiana. Findings and conclusions from this survey will be referenced only as a macro roll-up summary or analysis regarding the railroad community of Indiana at large. 

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