Project Description and Participant Consent

The Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead) at the University of Toronto is undertaking a research study on engineers’ career paths. The goal of this survey is to gather information from Canadian engineering graduates and licensed engineers about their career trajectories, mobility patterns, and sense of professional belonging. Survey findings will lay the groundwork for follow-up career history interviews and focus groups with a smaller number of engineers pursuing a diversity of career paths.
We are committed to this project for several reasons: first, to document and validate a greater range of engineering occupational trajectories than has traditionally been associated with the profession; second, to increase a sense of professional belonging and retention among engineering students and graduates who pursue non-traditional paths; and third, to examine inequities in engineers’ career mobility and workplace experiences. This research study is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and has undergone ethics review at the University of Toronto.
The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your participation is entirely voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential. This means your responses will not identify you in any presentation or publication of the study's results. Your responses will be stored on a secure server and in an encrypted file during data collection and analysis. Your data will be stored securely for five years and then destroyed.
You can decline to answer any question on the survey by skipping over the question. You can withdraw from the study without explanation at any time by exiting the survey. If you have any questions or concerns about the study, please contact Dr. Cindy Rottmann, Associate Director, Research at Troost ILead, and co-applicant of this study (
You may also contact the University of Toronto Office of Research Ethics at or 416-946-3273 with questions relating to your rights as a research participant.
Your participation will enable us to validate a wider diversity of career paths, including your own, enhance professional inclusion, and support curriculum development. Findings of this study will be released by Troost ILead and made available on our website in December, 2023.
We look forward to learning from you.
Thank you.
Emily Moore, DPhil, PEng
Associate Professor and Director
Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, University of Toronto
Cindy Rottmann, PhD
Associate Director, Research
Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering, University of Toronto
The research study you are participating in may be reviewed for quality assurance to make sure that the required laws and guidelines are followed. If chosen, (a) representative(s) of the Human Research Ethics Program (HREP) may access study-related data and/or consent materials as part of the review. All information accessed by the HREP will be upheld to the same level of confidentiality that has been stated by the research team.

Question Title

* 1. I have read and understood the project description above and consent to participate in this survey and for the researchers to incorporate my responses into the study write-up under the terms described above.

7% of survey complete.