Application Information & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in serving on Delta Phi Epsilon's International Governing Board.
If you gather all of the information outlined below, it is anticipated that the application will take about 15-20 minutes of your time.
A completed application includes contact information, details about your Delta Phi Epsilon and community involvement, professional skills and experience, your why, a letter of recommendation, and two references. There are a few more details below on the more in-depth requests and how to best complete them.
You will be asked to share your volunteer experiences within Delta Phi Epsilon and/or your community as well as the impacts of that service.
For "Your Why", we ask two questions about your perspective on this role. Consider your thoughts on these questions before completing the application:
Why are you interested in serving on the International Governing Board and how will you utilize your professional skills and experiences to advance Delta Phi Epsilon in the upcoming biennium?
What do you believe might be the top strategic priorities or challenges for Delta Phi Epsilon in the upcoming biennium and beyond? How would you like to see Delta Phi Epsilon advance or address them?
For References, we ask for a letter of recommendation from your professional career or volunteer work that speaks to your contributions and comportment, including significant accomplishments of your tenure. It is recommended to have your letter of recommendation in hand before you begin your application. If you need more time after completing your application to submit your letter of recommendation, you may do so via email to until January 1, 2024. Your application will not be complete without a letter of recommendation.
We also request the name and contact information for two additional references from work or community service within the last four years. Applicants with sorority volunteer experience should include one reference who can affirm the influence and impact of that specific service.
Please complete the application by providing as much detailed information as possible. All application materials must be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee by January 1, 2024.