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 “Technology and social change will create new opportunities to communicate and advance the science of food”

IFTNEXT calls for submissions that consider the dynamic relationships between technology, social trends, global conditions, and the science of food.  IFTNEXT asks submitters to address the relationships of conditions, such as the culture of food, to current and future trends and tools in an interactive and engaging presentation. Smart technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and predictive analytics have already changed the way we live and think about the world–how do they engage with the industry and science of food? How will new tech be adapted to communicate essential issues in food science to different audiences in a global, urbanized environment?
IFTNEXT is about thinking big and being bold. It is about challenging, re-examining and inspiring original thought. It’s about engaging passionate, creative, forward thinking individuals in conversations and activities that provoke a better understanding of how global, transdisciplinary collaboration can advance and instill innovation in the science of the food and its related fields. It is not meant to be contrary to what IFT has always stood for, but rather to complement and extend that work.

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