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The Identity & Access Management Community (IDAM) is a collaboration between CAUDIT and the AAF in working towards the common goal of increasing clarity, exploring trends, issues and challenges and sharing knowledge and experiences relating to Identity & Access Management within the higher education landscape.

The IDAM Community:
  • Provides a platform for organisations to showcase their work and be acknowledged/recognised for their achievements
  • Connects peers for the purposes of knowledge exchange and learning from one another successes and failures.
  • Recognises that IDAM is often specialist work whilst there is overlap with other areas such as Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity Groups.

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CAUDIT uses Googlegroups and Yammer for the Community. Please ensure that your organisations email account allows access to this forum.

By joining up to the CAUDIT Community, you will be added to the main forms of communication for Communities which may include an email distribution list, yammer network and the CAUDIT newsletter which is a great source for updates.

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