Dear colleagues,

ICUDDR is growing and we want to better understand what you, our members, are doing and how we can best serve you. As you may remember from when you first joined ICUDDR, the goal of our organization is to improve the quality of substance use prevention and treatment interventions by increasing the capacity and the skills of the work force through education. We have five main goals that will lead to improving education by uniting universities globally around the purpose of improving the knowledge and skills of the addiction prevention and treatment work force.

The following questionnaire will help provide a foundation for collaboration between universities, and will help ICUDDR to prioritize how we support you in sharing information, establishing joint projects, and improving academic training and other work  force development activities.

The questionnaire should take at most 30 minutes. We start with a few questions about what you want and need from ICUDDR and then go into questions about your educational programs. We used a skip logic pattern designed to make the survey faster and easier to complete. You should only see questions that are relevant to you. When you respond to a yes or no question, you will be taken to the appropriate next question in the survey based on your response. We ask about four types of programs: degree programs in addiction studies/drug demand reduction, courses that are offered in addictions prevention or treatment but are not part of a specific addiction studies/drug demand reduction degree (mandatory or elective courses for other degrees), continuing education courses, and courses or programs that are in the planning stage but not yet offered. Because the questions that you answer and the length of the survey will be individualized for each of you, we can't say exactly how long it will take or have a percent completed bar at the bottom of the screen. We have had people test it out and the longest it has taken is 30 minutes.

On behalf of the ICUDDR Board and the leadership team, we thank you for your time and participation. We will share results when the survey process is complete - probably in spring 2019.

                            Michal Miovsky, Roger Peters and Kim Johnson

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* 1. University Name

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* 2. Country

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* 3. Which of the following are important ways that ICUDDR could help you?

  Very Important Important Neutral Not Very Important Don't want/Not at all Important
Addressing ethical issues and conflict of interests
Use of addiction science in education programs
Curricula development (UPC, UTC, others)
Sharing implementation models (how to implement the curricula into the practice and context of your university)
Student exchange programs
Teacher exchange programs
Training/coaching/mentoring in building the national infrastructure in addictions (service providers, research institutions, libraries, training institutes etc.)
Training/coaching/mentoring in promoting of best education and training practices
Training in clinical skills
Support in finding partners for addiction science research
Training in research methods and getting published
Developing credentialing and licensing systems for addiction professionals

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* 4. Are there other ways that ICUDDR could be helpful that were not listed in the prior question?

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* 5. What can ICUDDR do to improve collaboration between universities?