Welcome to Northern Ontario Cloud Computing Survey!

ICTC, with funding from FedNor, is initiating a research project to understand the economic and employment impacts of cloud technology adoption and cloud service investments in Northern Ontario’s economy.

The study aims to understand the cloud investment potentials and cloud adoption rates in the North, as well as skills requirements and employment effects in the sector. The study will also explore the economics, labour market and education/training of cloud computing in Canada (jobs, revenue, growth, skills requirements, educational alignment), as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by the cloud industry in Northern Ontario. 

  • Individual responses to this consultation will be strictly confidential. 
  • Results, findings, and conclusions will provide only aggregate data. 
  • Your participation will help us complete the research and inform policies and decisions that benefit your organization and Canada's economy. 
  • You will be among the first recipients of the final study. 
  • This consultation should take only 5 minutes to complete!

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